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Volcano E-Cigs offers three different designs. The standard design is exactly the same size as a cigarette and will have an obvious appeal to those who are trying to kick the tobacco habit. The second, the Magma, is a bit larger than a standard cigarette and offers extended battery life. The largest of their offerings, the Inferno, is very powerful. It comes with a 1000mah battery and a 650mah battery. This means that the average e-smoker will be able to puff off of a single battery for a very long time relative to the other e-cigarettes on the market. They also come with a charging pack. These allow you to keep your cig charged at all times.

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The Volcano E-Cigs products are designed to offer an experience that, in the cases of the Magma and Inferno models, is all its own. The Inferno “bat”—just a hip way of saying battery—is not at all shaped like a cigarette, with a tapering design and a much larger size than a standard cigarette. This means that there’s plenty of room for battery power. These e-cigarettes also have a reputation for generating a lot of vapor. They’re priced surprisingly competitively, despite their differentiating themselves from the norm in several regards.

There are starter kits for all three of the products. Those who are switching over from regular cigarettes will find the V-Kit to offer an experience closest to holding a standard cigarette. The Magma and Inferno models may appeal to those giving up tobacco cigarettes but they should have a particular appeal to those who have long ago stopped thinking about tobacco and who are looking for something that maximizes the experience of vaping. The Inferno is particularly good for those who want more battery, more vapor and who don’t mind a bit more size and weight to go along with it.

Volcano also makes disposable e-cigarettes. If you just want a basic idea of the company’s quality, spending $10 on one may be a good idea. The kits start at $60 and get up to $80 for the Magma deluxe kit. The charging case is part of the kits and part of the experience of owning a Volcano E-Cig product. There are also several other options for chargers and the 650mah battery included with the Inferno kit is a pass-through design, allowing you to puff and charge off a USB simultaneously.


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