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V2Cigs produces a range of vaporizers, from traditional battery-operated models to models that draw power directly from a USB port. Their batteries come in different lengths, as well, from a small 100mm design to a 140mm design that allows you to go longer between charges. If you’re working at your desk all day, the USB-powered model will allow you to keep on puffing without having to change out batteries and eliminates the variability in the vapor draw when batteries start to lose their power.
The V2Cigs products can be purchased in starter kits. There are several different kits available, differentiated by how many batteries, cartomizers and accessories come with them. There are less expensive introductory kits that should prove suitable for those who just want to give V2Cigs a try without committing to buying a full kit from the manufacturer. There are also a wide range of accessories available, including charging cases that allow you to safely carry your battery around and keep it charged at the same time.
V2Cigs has a lot of different flavors available among its cartridges. Some of them are flavored like traditional tobacco and others have more exotic flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate. Their cartomizers come in packages of 8 and are priced competitively with the other options on the market. The company makes the familiar claim that 1 cartomizer is the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes, though most users will find that their experience will depend mostly on how much they puff at a sitting and upon how deeply they drag off of the device. As is the case with most manufacturers, the V2Cigs line of batteries will only accept cartomizers made by the same company. There is currently no atomizer option available from the company.
There are automatic and manual versions of V2Cigs batteries available. The automatic versions may appeal more to those who want an experience that is closer to that of smoking a tobacco cigarette. The manual versions, however, offer better battery life and there aren’t any problems with generating enough pressure to keep the battery lit.
V2Cigs has competitive prices and a range of batteries, including the direct-power pass-through devices that allow you to skip the battery altogether. A wide range of flavors—and colors for their products—should appeal to those who like some variety in their vaping experience. Overall, this product offers some stiff competition for the other manufacturers

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