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Where To Find A South Beach Smoke Review

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Among those who enjoy e-smoking, there are two main groups of people. Some people prefer the older designs that require button activation and that come with atomizers. Others prefer newer designs with all-in-one cartomizers and breath-activated switches. South Beach Smoke manages to combine the two, in several regards, resulting in a product that should appeal to members of both e-smoking factions. Their products are white with brown cartridges, lending them an appearance very similar to that of a regular tobacco cigarette. They are slightly longer than a regular cigarette—about the size of a 100—and are heavier, as well.

The South Beach Smoke product comes with an atomizer. This component us usually just one component of the cartomizer these days, but many e-smokers prefer atomizers for several reasons. They last longer than cartomizers and offer, some claim, a better smoking experience as they give a more consistent amount of vapor. Atomizers don’t need to be changed very often, but most people who have a brand of e-cigarette that uses them keep one or two spares around for when their current atomizer stops working. The nicotine is held in a separate cartridge. You don’t need to change the atomizer when you change cartridges; one atomizer should last you through several packs of cartridges, which come with six cartridges per pack.

South Beach Smoke offers several different levels of starter kits. If you want to get something simple and to just try out their product, the premium starter kit should prove suitable. It contains one battery, one atomizer and one wall charger. There are 6 cartridges included with this version. There are much more advanced kits, however, and they come with extras such as USB chargers, car adapters and carrying cases. The company only offers one package, the Deluxe Plus, which comes with two batteries.

The South Beach Smokes product differentiates itself with the three-part system. The separate atomizer component will likely appeal to those who never really got used to the idea of a cartomizer and who miss having the reliable and consisted performance of an atomizer. The pricing structure of the starter kits is competitive, but the absence of a second battery with the introductory-level kits may make some e-smokers look for other options, or simply make them add an extra battery to their kit. Overall, South Beach Smoke offers a product with some unique characteristics compared to others.


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