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SmokeTip - The Most Advanced Electronic Cigarette

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Among e-cigarettes, there are luxury options and simple and affordable options. SmokeTip provides the latter. Their product is a pressure-activated e-cigarette that uses cartomizers to provide the flavor. Their devices are of good quality and should prove compatible to any other models found on the market. Their designs are very similar to a standard tobacco cigarette. Some e-smokers will like this and others will prefer something that looks completely different from a regular cigarette. The company offers a good selection of accessories along with their products.

SmokeTip offers a generous starter kit that comes at a relatively low price. The kit includes 2 batteries, a charger for your USB port and for your wall socket and 6 flavor cartridges. There is no separate atomizer attachment available for these e-cigs; they work on cartomizers alone. The company provides instructions with their e-cigarettes, which may be wholly unnecessary for experienced vaporizer lovers but which should prove a welcome addition to new e-smokers. Their starter kits are packaged in an attractive box that is suitable for giving as a gift or for storing your cig when it’s not in use.

Like most e-cigarette brands. SmokeTip e-cigarettes are designed to work with their own cartomizers and not with others. The company has an advanced draw system that is designed to offer consistent performance, making the experience more like smoking a tobacco cigarette. The entire device consists of only 2 parts: the cartomizer and the batteries.

SmokeTip has a huge variety of flavors available, but e-juice cannot be purchased separately from the company. All cartomizers are designed to be disposable and used until they’re absent any flavor. The cartomizers come in colors, so it’s easy to see what flavor you have on hand and to differentiate between them when they’re in a pack.

SmokeTip offers a lot in the way of pricing. Their starter kit sells for under $70, making them one of the least expensive options on the market. If you’re looking to get in to e-smoking at a great price, SmokeTip is definitely one of the brands to consider. They currently have only one color for their batteries, which is white with stripes that make it look remarkably like a tobacco cigarette. Those wishing to substitute an e-cigarette for a tobacco cigarette may find this to be one of the more attractive features of the device, along with the much lower cost compared to smoking.

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