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Smoke 51 is among the e-cigarette manufactures that put quality before discounted prices. Their e-cigarettes come in a couple of different options and their starter kits are priced competitively, but a bit higher than most of their peers. This company also offers e-cigars. A popular option for those who want the experience of smoking a cigar and for whom an e-cigarette just doesn’t cut it, these cigars offer a lot of vapor and a tactile experience similar to the real thing. Among the e-cigarettes from Smoke 51, there are two principal options.

The Smoke 51 Trio is a three-piece e-cigarette that uses a separate atomizer. While this design used to be the industry standard, it is now rarer, having been replaced by two-piece designs. The atomizer, however, has its advantages for some e-smokers. The cartridges are cheaper and the atomizers can last a long time. Some e-smokers also report that they offer more consistent smoke, though others hold that cartomizers offer a thicker, richer vapor.

The Smoke 51 Duo is the option for those who prefer cartomizers. These are two-piece designs that are similar to the most popular brands on the market. They are breath-activated, so there’s no button to push to get them going. There are color options available for both models and the LEDs light up red when the cigarette is puffed on the white models. The models of different colors have corresponding LED colors. Their batteries retail for $60 in the case of the Trio, $50 in the case of the Duo. This makes them more expensive than most of their peers. The company’s chargers will recharge any of their batteries and there are chargers for the car, USB and for the house mains.

The starter kits from Smoke 51 start at around $100. They include several cartridges, chargers and, in the case of the Trio, atomizers. There are also carrying cases available so that you can keep your e-cig safe when you’re out and about. The starter kits come in several different levels, with the most expensive of them being over $200. This company, as you may have expected, does offer a good guarantee on their products. Their cartridges only come in two flavors, regular and menthol, making these good options for those who are truly replacing tobacco cigarettes rather than enjoying e-smoking in its own right. While they’re pricier than average, Smoke 51 offers excellent quality.


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