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The ProVape e-cigarette is one of the current vaporizer models that are moving away from the idea of trying to emulate a tobacco cigarette. ProVape has very large e-cigarettes that are designed around the experience of vaping in its own right. This larger design allows them to provide a much longer-lived battery and a larger reservoir for fluid. While the resemblance between an e-cigarette and a normal cigarette is sometimes a selling point, in the case of the ProVape, accommodating the similarity was obviously seen as a detriment to good and practical design.

When vaping becomes a connoisseur activity, voltage starts to become as important to an e-smoker as cedar strips are to a cigar smoker. To that end, some ProVape products allow you to change voltage. The ProVari allows you to choose from 3.3 to 6 volts of potential in tenths of a volt increments. For those who want to tailor their vaping experience as much as possible, or for those who just want to make it a bit more fun, this is an interesting feature. The ProVape-1 doesn’t have variable voltage, but it does have safety features that make it a product you can rely on. If it’s left on too long, it shuts off. This prevents it from draining the battery, or worse.

Because ProVape products are quite a bit different than most e-cigarettes, you’ll be using a different line of accessories with them. The atomizer components will fit these products and no others. The batteries are held within these devices instead of being the devices themselves. There are several different battery options available with different voltage characteristics. Make sure you use the correct ones for your device, especially in the devices where the voltage can be varied manually.

The ProVape products cost significantly more than the competition out there. The ProVari-1, for instance, costs over $150 on its own. The difference, however, is that the larger battery will last many hours for most e-smokers, which means that recharging needs are minimized. The devices are also microprocessor controlled, which means that they’re monitored for performance and prevented from shorting out or having other mishaps that could ruin the device, extending their life. The company makes several different flavors of e-juice to go along with the product. ProVape should prove an interesting choice for e-smokers who want to take their hobby to the next level of technology and development.


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