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Njoy Electronic Cigarette

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NJoy’s flagship offering is the NPRO 2N1 e-cigarette. They were also the manufacturers of the NCIG pen-style e-cigarette, which was discontinued in 2010. The NPRO 2N1 is a basic e-cigarette that activates when you drag on it. There are several different color options available for their batteries, which are lithium-ion batteries with several different options for chargers. The company’s e-cigarettes will only take their cartomizers and there is no option to switch to an atomizer if you prefer them. Their cartomizers come individually wrapped and packaged in child-proof bottles.

NJoy offers few options where flavors are concerned. E-smokers have the option of either a tobacco flavored cartridge or a menthol cartridge. The cartridges are advertised as being the equivalent of slightly more than one pack of cigarettes. The batteries are long and light up amber on the end. The color options allow you to clearly differentiate them from a cigarette at a distance—useful in a bar or restaurant setting—but the white versions, with the cartomizers attached, look almost exactly like a cigarette and should appeal to those who want that look.

The NJoy cigarette activates with pressure, which occurs when you drag off of it. This makes the experience more authentic to smoking a tobacco cigarette than the button-activated designs, but there is a slight delay between the time you begin dragging and when you get vapor out of the device. The cartridges tend to be consistent, but any inconsistencies can alter the characteristics of the drag, principally by making it harder to get the battery to activate when the cartridge is obstructed. Refill cartridges sell for just under $20 per five cartridges. There’s no need to purchase a separate atomizer, of course, so the price works out to about the same as competitors who sell their cigarettes with atomizers rather than with all-in-one cartomizers.

The NPRO boasts long battery life and a nice weight. Those who are upgrading from their NCIG devices should know that the cartridges are not interchangeable. There is a cigar model available from NJoy, as well, which offers a different smoking experience. The NJoy NPRO 2N1 starter kit sells for around $80, putting it right in the middle relative to the competitor’s prices. The starter kit comes with 2 3.6V batteries, which are available in silver, white, burgundy and black. Ten cartridges are included with the basic starter kit.


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