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My Luci—their products are simply referred to as “Luci”—offers a good, basic e-cigarette that comes with lots of options for accessories. This company also offers one of the most extensive and varied selections of starter kits available. Priced from $60 to almost $200, these starter kits offer good options for beginners and experienced e-smokers, as well as for singles and for couples. Their product design is similar to other manufacturers, but is one of the few that allows you to use a separate atomizer.

Luci batteries are included with all of the starter kits, and the company doesn’t skimp, offering two separate batteries with even the lowest-priced of their kits. These batteries are lithium-ion and come with a wall charger for them in every version of the Luci starter kit. There are other options for chargers available, including USB and car chargers. The two mid-range kits come with the choice or one of the other, the most expensive kit comes with both chargers. The prices are also based on how many cartridges come with the starter kit.

The Luci cartridges come in coffee, cherry, menthol and “full flavor” flavors, the last one being tobacco flavored. Their cartridges come in packs of 5 and sell for about $10, making them one of the least expensive options on the market where refills are concerned. There are also discounted rates given for larger cartridge purchases, such as the Luci Half-Carton option, which includes 25 cartridges for just under $50. This gives My Luci something of a price advantage over many of their competitors where cartridges are concerned. There is, however, the requirement to have the separate atomizer component. While this will last for many cartridges, it still will need to be replaced after a time. Some e-smokers feel that atomizers are more consistent with the vapor they offer.

My Luci offers a disposable e-cigarette, as well. This allows you to get a taste of their product before you commit to buying and, overall, it’s a nice addition to what they have to offer. Their website has all of the accessories you’ll need, including atomizers, which sell for around $20. A new battery will run you around $25. They come in light and dark colors, including pink and blue. The products available from My Luci should appeal to those who like a separate atomizer and good discounts on cartridges.


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