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Are Green Smoke Coupons Available To Save Me Money ?

Looking for Green Smoke Coupons ? Green Smoke  is offering customers of esafecigarette A great discount off of their purchase. Just click on the above discount code to automatically add the coupon to your shopping cart!

Green Smoke is not among the e-cig manufacturers that offer discounted prices. This company has consistently garnered good reviews and a reputation for very high quality products. That being said, their products are a bit more expensive than the competition, sometimes significantly more so. The company’s basic starter kit sells for around $100, twice as much as some of the other companies out there. Their products, however, have an excellent reputation for quality, durability and their cartridges have a reputation for being long-lasting and consistent. If you’re looking for more of an upgrade than an introduction, this e-smoke might be the thing for you.

The Green Smoke starter kit has a few interesting aspects compared to its competitors. To start with, they offer the standard two-battery kit, but offer a long and a short battery. The short battery holds less power so, when you’re heading out for the evening, you may want to take along the longer option. Their batteries are lithium-ion and are provided with a green tip—hence the name. The tip actually lights up red, like a regular cigarette, however. The design of the batteries and cartomizers mimic the look of a regular tobacco cigarette, as well.

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Green Smoke uses a two-part e-cigarette design. There’s no separate atomizer with their product, nor is there an option to purchase one out of preference. Green Smoke says their cartridges are roughly the equivalent of a full pack of cigarettes. With 5 cartridges per box, this makes their product significantly cheaper than a carton of smokes, priced at around $15 per box. Green Smoke cartridges come in a selection of tobacco and menthol flavors, as well as in chocolate and vanilla flavors. They also come in several different levels of nicotine, measured in milligrams.

The Green Smoke e-cigarette has a variety of accessories designed to go along with it. There is a case made to handle one long and one short battery, making it an easy upgrade if you choose their standard starter kit, which includes both a long and short battery. There are several different charger options, including models designed to be used in the car. They include a USB option, as well, which allows you to e-puff without having to worry about running your batteries down; these devices draw power from your USB. With a good reputation and a lot of options, Green Smoke offers impressive products.


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