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The EverSmoke is a relatively well-known product due to a lot of advertising in major outlets. It is among the e-cigarette brands that are designed principally to accept a cartomizer rather than an atomizer. The company does back its product up well. It comes with a 30-day guarantee; if you don’t like it, send it back. It also comes with a lifetime warranty that covers the manufacturing quality of the item. The price of this particular e-cig is about the same as the competition, with the battery for the device costing about $20.

The EverSmoke has no on/off switch and the batter is activated by the pressure generated when you drag on it. The company boasts that their battery holds 50% more charge than their competitors. Like most e-cigarettes, the EverSmoke is powered by a lithium-ion battery, the standard for most electronic devices in use today. These batteries don’t have the memory problems that older rechargeables do, so you can charge them briefly and use them without compromising the battery’s ability to hold a complete charge. The battery in the EverSmoke is a 3.7 volt lithium pack.

The EverSmoke has a circuit in it that monitors the performance of the device. The company claims that this offers benefits to the e-smoker in the form of more consistent performance. In total, the company claims that this e-cigarette can deliver anywhere from 4 to 5 hours of smoking, although this will, of course, depend upon how heavily you use the device within this time frame. There are several different chargers available for the device, including chargers for your car, wall outlets and USB ports. There is also a range of starter kits available that allow you to get the batteries, charger and a sampling of cartomizers all at once.

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These are purchased pre-filled and come in a range of nicotine levels, from none to 24mg. These cartomizers come in packs of 5 and are available in three flavors: traditional, tobacco and menthol. The cartomizers are silver-plated, which improves the transfer of energy from the battery to the cartomizer. EverSmoke uses its own manufacturing technology for the cartomizers and has put time into making sure they’re long lasting and that they have consistent vapor. For a draw-activated e-cigarette, the EverSmoke offers some excellent features and good quality.



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