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E Smoke is an American manufacturer of e-cigarettes that offers several different options. Their starter kits come in two variations, the Pro and Sensation series. The Sensation series is slightly larger than a regular cigarette—there are two battery sizes available—and the Pro series is smaller. Both options have gotten consistently high marks for quality of manufacture and for providing a thick and consistent vapor. Their devices also contain an advanced sensor system. This ensures that your e-cigarette doesn’t light up accidentally when there’s a draft and ensures that the drag isn’t variable, causing you to have to work harder to get a drag on some cartridges.

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None of ESmokes products are atomizer-equipped. Their cartridges are all-in-one affairs that are disposed of after use. This company does offer more options than simply buying pre-filled cartridges, however. They also offer a variety of e-liquids. The company boasts that all of their e-liquids are tested for purity and for the correct nicotine content. All of their liquids are made in the USA, as well; another advantage the company makes a point to advertise. If buying domestic is important to you, ESmokes is one of the few options.

ESmokes does offer a lot in the way of affordable options. If you just want to give them a try, you can get one of their least expensive start kits, which are priced around $50. These come with a charger, a battery and a couple of flavor cartridges. It’s a good intro to the product. There is also a disposable option if you want to spend even less. Their full starter kits sell for about $100, making them more expensive than some of the competition but not at all near the top of the list where price is concerned.

ESmoke puts a lot of time into customer service and they offer a lifetime warranty on the manufacturing quality of their e-cigarettes. They have an extensive selection of e-juice flavors and their prices in this regard are very competitive. For those who want to be able to refill their cartridges instead of throwing them away after each and every use, ESmoke presents an excellent option. Their cartridges are advertised as being the equivalent of 30 cigarettes, or one and a half packs, making them among the most long-lasting available. For quality and workmanship, this company offers its customers quite a lot at a competitive price.


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