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ElumaCigs offers a basic e-cigarette design that should appeal to beginners who want to keep it simple or to experienced vaping fans who want a particular type of design. These are three-part e-cigarettes that include a separate atomizer component. Some e-smokers swear by atomizers, claiming that they’re more consistent and economical. For those who want to give one a try at a good price, ElumaCigs has starter kits that allow you to do just that. They come with a variety of accessories and flavor selection is very diverse with this company.

ElumaCigs have a classic design. The battery component screws onto the atomizer which, in turn, accepts the flavor cartridge. The atomizers should last through many flavor cartridges, but they will have to be replaced eventually. The batteries for ElumaCigs come in two colors: black and white. Neither is designed to look exactly like a cigarette—there’s no striping on the white version—so they shouldn’t cause confusion in a bar or restaurant. These e-cigs do have a size approximately equal to that of a cigarette, however, and those who crave the tactile experience of holding one should find these to be an easy switch.

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The ElumaCigs starter kits come with quite a few accessories for $80. They include 2 batteries, so you can keep one charged while you’re using the other. The charging options include a USB and AC adapter. The starter kits also include 25 cartridges; you get to choose the flavor, as well as the amount of nicotine in each. Each starter kit comes with one atomizer, which should last you through the sample cartridges, at least. These starter kits can be purchased in black and white options and the company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Shipping is free with ElumaCigs.

ElumaCigs have a wide variety of flavors available. Their pre-filled cartridges include the traditional tobacco and menthol flavors, as well as a lot of more interesting options. Names such as “Death by Chocolate” and “Cherry Culmination” describe just a few of the options available. Coffee flavors, vanilla and other popular options are all available. These e-cigarettes are breath-activated, so there’s no button to push to activate the battery.

ElumaCigs offers a modest line of products, but their quality has a good reputation and the design of these e-cigarettes is based on the proven atomizer/cartridge combination, making them a good choice for those who miss this option.


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