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As you can guess by the name, ELiquidPlanet offers quite a bit more than just e-cigarettes. This company does offer a line of batteries, atomizers and cartomizers, as well as starter kits, but they’re e-cigarettes are only one of their offerings. This company has a tremendous selection of e-liquid; perhaps among the most extensive available anywhere, online or off. If you really want to be a pro e-smoker, this company provides a path towards becoming a true gourmet of e-smoking.

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ELiquidPlanet has several options for e-cigarettes. They offer several different designs of batteries, chargers, kits and atomizers. Their selection includes long batteries, short batteries, high-end batteries—the Vortex series—and much more. They also sell all the chargers and other accessories that you’ll need to go along with these batteries. Many of their products offer a manual switch, the loss of which on most models has been something of a letdown to many e-smokers who preferred them to the automatic batteries that dominate the market today. Of course, a manual switch means that you never have to adjust your drag pressure to accommodate a faulty automatic switch and that there’s no delay between dragging and getting vapor.

The selection of liquids at ELiquidPlanet is extensive. There are several different brands available, as well as a host of different flavors. The company includes everything from several variations on tobacco and menthol flavors to exotic flavors such as almond among its offerings. There are drip tips available for those who want their e-cigarette to taste as fresh as possible at all times and it could easily take a long while to narrow down the choices available at their site to a few favorites. There are options available for nicotine strength that range from none at all to a very strong 24mg strength.

If you want to take e-smoking to the next level, the company offers home kits that allow you to make your own e-liquid. They include everything you need, right down to liquid nicotine and any flavors you want. This can be very cost effective, though it requires a bit of an investment at first. Making one’s own flavors, of course, does have a certain appeal beyond saving money. This company has starter kits that begin at around $40 and that include everything you’d expect, such as a charger, a case, a couple of batteries and a selection of bland cartridges.


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