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Blucig, or Blu, is one of the most popular and well-known e-cigarette brands on the market. Their products have been competitive due to their pricing structure. This was also one of the first companies to play up the e-cigarette as a product unto itself rather than merely as an alternative to smoking. The distinctive blue LED at the end of their batteries emphasize this point, as many manufacturers still stick with an amber LED that is designed to make an e-cigarette look as much as possible like a tobacco cigarette.

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The Blu cigarette, however, does come with some accessories and features that do emulate a traditional smoke. The Blu cig is a pressure-triggered device. When you draw on it, it provides power to the cartomizer. There’s no button to push, so the experience is more like dragging off of a tobacco cigarette. The one difference is that there’s a delay between initiating the drag and the device turning on, which some e-smokers may find distracting. The device also has a special pack made for it that looks very much like a pack of cigarettes. The similarities stop with appearances, however. These packs are also charging devices and have room for extra cartridges.

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The Blu cigarette gets high marks because of price. Their batteries sell for around $12, about half of what batteries from other companies sell for. Their starter kits also come with 2 chargers, one for the wall and one for your USB port. In line with the company’s marketing strategies, you have more choices than a simple white battery that looks like a regular cigarette. You can choose a starter kit with the white battery, brown cartridges and white pack or you can change it up and go for all black. The blue light at the end of the device, of course, ensures that you don’t get mistaken for a smoker from a distance.

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Blu cartomizers come in packs of 5. They offer one pack with any of their starter kits and the choice in flavor is up to you. The starter kit retails for just under $70, quite a bit less than some of the competition. The comprehensive starter kit, many different choices in flavors and the charger pack are all tempting choices. Blu’s prices, however, are considerably lower than the competition and this also does a lot to make them a compelling option among manufacturers.

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